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A Scent of Water Adventures in faith and science

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Professor Emeritus Jim Parratt is a Christian academic who has spent over fifty years in biomedical research, especially on how the heart can be protected against damage and on shock associated with sepsis. He was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1986.

“Having read with enjoyment and enlightenment Jim Parratt’s previous books, Marvellously Made (Handsel Press, 2017) and Highways of the Heart (Handsel Press, 2019), I came to this memoir with a sense of anticipation. It did not disappoint. Here you will find the fascinating and heart-warming life story of a distinguished research scientist, for whom faith and science are close friends. I highly recommend this book.” Rt Revd Dr Angus Morrison, former Moderator, Church of Scotland

“The strength of a memoir is its personal nature; we are here allowed to share some of the story of a fascinating life. It is always an encouragement to learn more of how God called an individual to committed discipleship. Jim Parratt shows here how he responded to Jesus’ call, ‘Follow me’ and how this became the defining quality of all the years that followed. This is a story not only to read, but to re-read, gaining more each time!” Bishop Timothy Dudley-Smith

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