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Douglas Jesus Me - A Letter to a Christian Atheist

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Douglas Murray is arguably one of Britain’s most popular intellectuals. He is well known for his views on Islam, Israel, Intersectionality and Wokeism. He is refreshingly open and honest about his own religious journey and has self-described as a “Christian Atheist,” an “Aesthetic Anglican” and a “supporter from the outside” of the Church. Written in the form of a personal letter to Douglas, this book is a short exploration of the issues of faith, doubt, longing, hope and dreams in reference to, and engagement with, some of Murray’s recent public comments and written statements on Christianity and contemporary society. The narrative represents one restless pilgrim “sharing bread” with another restless pilgrim on the journey of life. It seeks to be both challenging and encouraging.

Russel Moffat has been a Church of Scotland minister for 35 years. He has a keen interest in historical Jesus research and in Christian apologetics.

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