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Fair Day 2013 Double DVD

£8.00 £14.00 Status: Available
Product Overview

Sanctus Media are pleased to announce the production of the 2013 Two-Disc DVD Collection for our Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival. The feature DVD will present highlights from throughout the Fair Day, as well as a montage of this year’s arches and frontages. An additional DVD will also contain a featurette of this year’s Kirking of The Queen, and boast a series of special clips, interviews and media from throughout the festival.

With nearly 4 hours of quality footage, we anticipate 2013’s Children’s Fair Day DVD will be better than ever!

From every sale, £2 will go toward the Bo’ness Fair committee, a further £2 toward the Vine Trust - who provide healthcare, education and relief to some of the world’s poorest children and communities (visitwww.vinetrust.orgfor more information)*

*Sale donations will only be made on purchases at full price.

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