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Fair Day 2016 Double Disc DVD

£8.00 £13.50 Status: Available
Product Overview

Sanctus Media are pleased to present 2016’s Children’s Fair Festival on DVD. With an anticipated 4 hours of quality footage from this year’s Fair Day - including, a montage of this year’s arches and frontages, the Crowning ceremony, presentee performances, the procession throughout the town and the Royal Command Performance from the Douglas Park (Due to the limited space on DVDs the Douglas Park footage contains only part performances from the Broadway School of Performing Arts, the presentees, and a selection of songs from The Jersey Tones. Full performances are on the Blu-Ray discs).

Now is the time to place your order, as the DVD will be on limited production.
Purchase together with the 2016 Kirking of the Queen DVD for your complete collection of Fair Festival memories.

A donation from the sale of each DVD will be made to the Vine Trust.

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