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Marvellously Made

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​Emeritus Professor Jim Parratt is a physiologist who has spent his working life in heart research in Nigeria, Scotland and Hungary - a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. A former chair of UCCF Scotland and vice-chair of SU Scotland, he has lived in Bearsden near Glasgow for over fifty years. He has also published Highways of the Heart.

This book informs and fascinates…the short pithy chapters should be read slowly , allowing time to respond with thanks and fresh commitment…I doubt if you’ve read a book quite like this before!

Andy Bathgate, C.E.O. Scripture Union Scotland

Marvellously Made explores basic human physiology and the spiritual parallels from a biblical perspective. The strength of a book is that it brings together, within a manageable space, a wealth of material, both scientific and biblical, with a host of Bible references. A useful resource for the Bible study leader

Peter Pattison O.B.E. for the Christian Medical Fellowship

A brilliant and unique little book. Read it, and discover something of the wonder of the real you…

John Spence, former Vice-Principal of the University of Strathclyde

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