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This book has been brought together to encourage a wider audience to recognise that prayer need not be limited to highly technically theological language. Indeed prayer in its most effective form is the instantaneous cry of the heart. I have often thought when someone utters the words “My God” unthinkingly, there may be an element of disrespect to the Almighty, but could there also be an acknowledgement that in our most vulnerable moments of despair and fear we find ourselves instantly crying out to God in prayer? Many of the prayers and meditations in this book were written to be used on the Sanctuary First website. This website seeks to connect with people of faith and no faith who wish to explore ideas about God and Christianity while surfing the Net. (www.sanctuaryfirst.org.uk). I often refer to these prayers as ‘street prayers’ simply because they are not pieces of polished prose, but instantaneous thoughts that have come to mind while reflecting about passages I’ve been reading in the Bible or thoughts and prayers that have come to me while sitting on a plane or a train. I guess they are the thoughts of a traveller connecting with the world around. Right Rev Albert Bogle BD MTh Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 2012

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