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Shades of Black - The Origins of Colour Consciousness in the Caribbean

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This fascinating volume highlights how the legacies of slavery and colonialism have been instrumental in developing racism and ideas relating to colour consciousness

...a detailed and intimate insight into links between empire, commonwealth and race relations.

Dr Sunita Abraham, Lancaster Black History Group

Clifford Hill is a sociologist and theologian with special interests in the Sociology of Religion. He is the author of more than 50 books and is regarded as a pioneer of race relations in Britain where he has been responsible for many radio and TV broadcasts.

Alton Bell’s career spans industrial research, finance and management, and pastoring a church. Knowing how vital a robust third sector is for a just society, he chairs the Movement for Justice and Reconciliation and mentors other leaders.

Nigel Pocock is a social scientist, theologian, and historian whose work has been published in numerous journals and websites. He has a special interest in investigating the evidence of colonial slavery in Britain.

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