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Slither Intae hur Skin - Anne J.A. Jones

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Anne Jones left school about fourteen (decided school was not for her) and at fifteen started an apprenticeship in Salon Henry and loved the Job.

She was a very mature student at Edinburgh College of Art from 1996 until 2001: after the massive task of ‘The Dissertation’, she promised herself she would keep on writing without any thought of getting work published.

Anne enjoys being in different writing groups listening to the members’ stories and poems. Occasionally someone would say that she was getting better. Poems don’t come easy, she has to write and rewrite. But she is grateful to those who wished her to be successful - they all know who they are. The poems are dedicated ‘to all those who struggle’.

She adds, “Dreich Magazine during lock down was a godsend. So was the Tyne and Esk Haddington poetry group, which allowed my poems to be presented on Zoom, and feedback emailed to me.”

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