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Temple and Tartan Psalms Poetry and Scotland

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This is not so much a book as a compelling encyclopaedic excursion informed by the fertile, creative and committed scholarship of Jock Stein. While firmly grounded in the biblical Psalms, new light is thrown on their texts not only by reference to the work of scriptural experts but also to the perspectives of such diverse writers as the French deconstructionist philosopher Jacques Derrida, the celebrated Canadian literary critic Northrop Frye and the Scottish conservationist and explorer John Muir.

While “Temples and Tartan” explores ancient poems and cites celebrated intellectuals of previous centuries, its insights are not wedded to the past. Allusions to contemporary issues and current politicians and theorists abound, and issues of Scottish civic life and nationhood are ever present. What is distinctly original are the poems which Jock himself has written, often taking their subject matter from the biblical texts , but pursuing highly imaginative thought lines.

The scholarship, intellectual dexterity, range of subject matter, and all pervasive faith and creativity of the author cannot be underestimated.

John Bell, Minister and Hymn-writer

Free CD of “Psalms ” by Jock Stein included, while stocks last.

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